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Every person who got a little curious about their sexuality has asked themselves this question that what they are interested in. This article explains the meaning of bi-curious and bisexual which will help you to differentiate them and will guide on how to find a bi-curious woman. Bisexuality is considered more like a sexual identity. A person with bisexuality is comfortable in having a sexual relationship with people belonging to both genders. On the other hand, a bi-curious woman has never been with the individual of a similar gender but would be curious or like to experience how seamless it feels to have sex with people of both genders.

There are many ways to define a woman is a bicurious or bisexual person. Bu-curiosity is more like a phase or a state rather than a pure sexual identity. While considering a purely sexual relationship, a bisexual woman would love to have a sexual relationship with people belonging to both genders to satisfy their needs and wants. According to the true meaning of bi curious and bisexual identity, a bi-curious woman might not have sexual intentions to be with a woman. They can either attracted to people of both genders without having a desire for a sexual relationship. When it narrows down to serious commitments, a bisexual woman is more likely to build a long-term commitment with their partner. Their partner could be an individual belonging to any gender.

However, irrespective of their partner’s gender, they prefer to stay with them in the long run. A bi-curious woman might be attracted to the people of both the genders for fun or momentarily, but would preferably settle with the person of the opposite gender. As they are only curious or attracted towards people of both the genders, but when it comes to a long-run commitment, they would like to settle with a person of the opposite gender.

Psychologically, a bisexual woman is assumed to be more confident as they are capable of identifying their sexual preferences. Based on ways to define a woman is a bi-curious or bisexual woman, Bi-curious women are often considered as confused as they are not fully capable of associating themselves with any sexuality and there is a higher chance that their mind can get deflected easily.

A bicurious woman is more or less considered as straight who is interested in testing the water by being with people of both the genders. It could be self-realization of being gay/lesbian/bisexual for some people. A bisexual person is capable of identifying themselves strongly as who they are, belonging to a separate sexual identity. People belonging to al kind of sexual preferences blend easily into the general population though has its own benefits, but it can also make it difficult to meet other people of similar interest. The following are the ways that can help you with how to find a bi-curious woman.


There are many dating websites available on the internet for bi-curious women looking for a partner. You can sign up on these sites. And follow some strategies to attract women. Refrain from posting too many selfies, mention what you’re interested in, and be genuine. First, read reviews for these sites so you can choose the best.


On social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn, there may be groups you can join that have women with the same interest. These groups provide you not only with perfect dating opportunities but the chance to make friends with other people who share a similar experience. It might be good to add your city or region name while searching.


There are multiple discussion boards and forums you can join to find other bi-curious women on the internet. Though it is harder to find such women in real life. It is good to have someone to chat with about your interests. You can join these platforms by signing up. No matter which online forum you select to join, you will need a username that attracts curious women to your profile. Experts suggest using terms that attract the type of woman you want.


There might be clubs for LGBT people in your community. You also can find them at local universities, community centers, or even holy places LGBT communities celebrate events year-round, from community gatherings to native Pride Festivals. Look for your community’s Pride online forum or LGBT organization groups to find events. You can also ask your LGBT friends you have if they attend clubs in your area that you intend to join. Such groups are usually social and activist.


You can also look for bi-curious women at gay bars. For increase your odds of meeting other bi-curious people you can go to spots where you think they might go. Go to scheduled LGBT meetups and attend parties thrown by LGBT friends.


Notice body language. Before directly asking someone is bisexual or bi-curious pay attention to signals that might indicate their sexual orientation, such as body gestures. Does the woman you are attracted show a lot of affection to the same gender? Observing their body language can tell you ways to define a woman is bi curious or bisexual women. Especially stare at their eyes for signs of attraction. Observe the behavior of others. Observe someone you suspect is bi-curious and see how much affection they show. Do they talk about liking both sexes a lot? A lot of times women are bi-curious and not realize it. Studies claim that around 60% of women are attracted to the same gender, and that curiosity arises as they age.


Whenever you walk into a social gathering where you are looking for women you are interested in, talk to them gently to determine if they are bisexual. You might discuss views about what you are interested in so that the other person feels comfortable in revealing their sexual orientation.


Make sure not to make assumptions about someone else's sexual orientation. Don't assume that someone is bisexual just because they show affection to both genders at a party. To be certain someone is bi-curious, you should talk to them. You can meet bi curious woman if you go to social gatherings and are open about your interests. Networking platforms on the internet are also very helpful for making connections with people of similar people.

No matter what your preferences are, or what struggle you are going through in your life, regarding your sexuality, you simply need to be true to yourself. Usually, the nature of bi-curiosity is associated with the commencement of a person's identification with their sexual preferences. Be genuine to yourself and know who you are. Bi curious people usually identify themselves as straight but would love to get a taste of the other side, or are attracted towards the people belonging to both genders. Now that you know the major differences between both of the terms, you would be able to realize and analysis what are your needs and wants in a in a better way.