How To Confirm A Man & Woman Is A Bisexual & Bi Curious Person? Detailed Date Tips

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Some people are confident about their sex at a very early age. Because no test determines that a person is bisexual, there are only some tips and tricks you can follow to identify whether you are bisexual or bi-curious or not. The issue is that sexuality is an extremely private activity that you'll have to do entirely on your own. It depends on your emotions and sentiments whether you decide to learn about the symptoms of a person's bisexuality. Take your time and seek the information if you believe you may be bisexual or in-between.

Most people don't share with others if they are bisexual because it may be insulting to someone. These are only some signs; these signs do not 100% assure that what you are predicting about someone else or yourself is always right.

Identifying a Bisexual Man

The term "bisexual" refers to "males and females who are equally attracted to the same and opposite sexes." Most people do not realize why this happens to them. They do not share feelings with anyone due to fear of insulting. These are some signs that help you to identify a man as bisexual.

  • A man stares at men and always wants to be around them. 
  • He spends most of the time with his male friends, and you often notice he is sitting uncomfortably close to them.
  • Maybe he is complementing his male friend's physical appearance mostly about sex appeal.
  • If a man fantasizes about getting freaky with men and women. Then definitely, he is a bisexual.
  • A man spends time with both men and women and equally enjoys the time.

All of the above are only some signs you cannot define anyone as bi-sexual based on these signs. If a man or woman tells you that he or she is bisexual and equally enjoys romance with both sexes, then you are 100 sure that he or she is bisexual.

Identifying Bisexual Women

Women attracted to both men and women equally are defined as bisexual. There are some signs of a bi-sexual woman.

  • She feels comfortable while dating women. It is just a hint that does not indicates that she is bisexual. Sometimes girls love to hang out with their female friends.
  • If a woman looks desperately toward other women, you can feel she is attracted to her differently and appreciates her sex appeal. 
  • It is difficult for someone to admit that she is bisexual if a woman feels happy while spending time with her female friend sharing her problems with her for hours. It's just a clue that maybe she is a bisexual.
  • If she is talking about LGBTQ + community issues, make your conversation long; maybe she is trying to express something to you.

Tell them about your and your partner's personal life and ask her about her love life. If she hesitates to share her love life, then she may be bisexual and has a crush on both men and women.

What is the difference between Bisexual and bi-curious people?

There is a major difference between bi-curious and bisexual men and women. A bi-curious person is wanted to explore sexual activity with the same or opposite gender. Sometimes this attraction stays in your mind, and you do not do any physical encounter. The reason for the curiosity may be child abuse, your environmental activities, and any phycological issues. But a bisexual person means he is attracted to the same sex or opposite sex. Maybe he experienced some romantic dates and some relationships with men or women.

Signs of Men & Women are a Bicurious Person

If a man or woman had the same feeling when he or she kissed a man or woman and you think about it again and again, then you are bi-curious. If a women like to go on a date with the same gender and feels happy about it and enjoys this time, then she is bi-curious and the same for the man.

When having intercourse with your lover, fantasies are completely acceptable. Many women confess having fantasies about having sex with another woman, and the concept of two women together could attract many males, which might also enhance your fantasy.

Things to consider before dating a bisexual man

  • While dating a bisexual man, make a to-do list of your relationship requirements.
  • When you are involved in a relationship, you must express your bisexual attraction to your men. 
  • Do research for safe sex because your health may be in danger. 
  • Sex with the same gender will cause serious infection. You should get tested regularly if you are dating multiple partners. 
  • If you have sexual relations with multiple partners, it will increase the risk of HIV or STIs. Things to consider before dating bisexual women!
  • If you are thinking of dating bisexual women, consider these things before dating.
  • Most bisexual women want sex than dating. They consider sexual feelings and romantic feelings are two completely different things. 
  • Before going on a date, ask about her feelings and what she wants.
  • When you chat with a bisexual woman, you might be so excited, but don't do any step without her permission.
  • Making a man happy is easier than making a woman happy; a man only needs food and sex. But a woman needs more than that; she needs extra care, proper time, expensive gifts, fancy dates, and outings. You will have to do a lot of hard work to make a woman happy. 
  • Do not force her into a sexual relationship and be physical with her if she feels comfortable being physical with you.

Dating tips for Bisexual Men and Women

After understanding all these signs and if you think you are bicurious or bisexual. If this is the first time in your life you understand that you are attracted to both genders, and the reason is you are bisexual, then you must define your feelings to yourself and why this happens to you. We do not discuss the reasons for your attraction and sexual desires for your same and opposite gender.

We are going to discuss the dating tips for you on how you could make your first date a wonderful experience for you and your partner.

  • You can easily find a bisexual person through online dating sites.
  • You do not have to define bisexual in your profile. When you find a person, dating does not justify your bisexuality. 
  • After talking to them, clearly explain your romantic and sexual feelings to them because some people take both aspects differently. 
  • If that person is interested, then he will agree to go dating.
  • When you are going to date a girl, you will have to make some extra effort to make her happy.
  • Do not behave like you are sick and you are desperately waiting for a romantic relationship with your partner.
  • Make things grow slowly in your relationship, do not expect too much on your first date. It may be heartbreaking for you if he leaves you.
  • Make your partner satisfy with your conversation, listen to them, and respect what he or she wants from you.
  • Do not invest too much money in your bisexual relationship.