Top 5 Bi Curious Dating Sites That Most Bi Curious Men and Women Select

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Seeking bi curious dating sites? There are several sites that bi curious men and bi-curious women tend to select over others. These sites are considered some of the better sites sunline for those that are looking for bi curious dating. Here are the top sites that you should consider as your first stops for dating opportunities.



This site is designed for bisexual men and women and those that are bi curious. It’s a worldwide site and you’ll find over 1.8 million members there. It’s estimated that around 400,000 are active each week on the site. You can use the site with your mobile iOS or Android phone. You have several ways to communicate with each other on the site. To get the most out of the site, it’s recommended that you subscribe to full membership.

The sit is designed specifically for bisexuals so if you’re another sexual orientation, and you may want to look elsewhere as you probably won’t have that much success on this site. BiCupid is one of the premier sites online for those that are bisexual is bi curious. The site gives you a personal profile to fill out and you can upload images to the site. Males outnumber the females on the site and sot users are over the age of 25 according to site statistics. The main draw of the site for bi-curious men and bi curious women is for a hookup or a casual encounter. While the site mainly caters to bisexuals, it’s doors are open to anyone regardless of sexual orientation.

bicurious is a site for bi curious men and bi curious women that are looking for dates. You will also find individuals looking for couples. There are over 1.2 million users on the site. it's a great place to search for dates and it's one of the popular bi curious sites online. It’s easy to perform a quick search on the site to find a date near you. You’ll find articles and blogs to keep you up to date on the bi curious dating scene. You will also get tips on bi curious dating through the site. The site offers you 24/7 customer service to answer all your questions about using the site. Fill out your profile, upload images, and get a membership if you want to see success on this site.


Ashley Madison is a well-known site for dating online. This site is for those already in a relationship who are looking for extra sex on the site. This makes it a good site for those coupes that are bi curious and looking to add another person to their sex life, whether male or female. The site has privacy features so you can stay discreet when dating. The security is a lot better than it was in 2015 when the site had some problems so it’s now safe for you to use.

The site is geared towards those that are looking for an affair, but it’s also a good site for bi curious people that need another partner. You will meet people from all over the world on the site. The community for this site is very active, and it’s a popular dating site online. For women, it’s a good site to find older men as many of the members are older men. For women, the signup is free so it’s a great site if you’re on a budget. One safety feature is that you can blur the face on your image if you want which is a nice feature to have. Men pay for credits on the site to use the advanced features.

Adult Friend Finder


Another one of the bi curious dating sites that is a great choice for bi curious people is called Adult Friend Finder. This site has been around for a long time and it’s one of the most popular sites online for dating which caters to all sexual orientations. The site is catered to those looking for a hookup and not really a long term relationship, although that is possible on the site. It’s the ideal site for bi curious men and bi curious women as the site has a huge community of active users looking to hookup. It’s considered one of the largest sex and swinger communities online for those looking for casual sex encounters.

The site has over 25 million visits per month so it’s a great place to find a date. It’s in the top 50 of all adult sites online in the U.S. You don’t require an image on the site, but it’s recommended. Make sure you fill out your profile in full for the best results. This site has more of a porn vibe so expect to see naked images and sex acts when browsing for users. If our looking for sex hookups on the raunchy site, you will find that on Adult Friend Finder. If you’re just looking for a “date” you probably want to look elsewhere.

Women Seeking Couples

women seeking couples

Women Seeking Couples is a site for bi curious people to find dates. It’s designed for single women that are into threesomes and need a couple for sex encounters. It’s a great choice for bi curious women that have trouble finding a hookup online. The site is also ideal for bi curious men that are seeking a couple to have sex with. It's easy to perform a search on the site to find dates. Make sure you upload good images and fill out a full profile to increase your chances that you get a date. You can signup for free but will need to pay for the more advanced features. it's a great site for bisexual hookups. Use the search functions to make it easier for you to find good dates.


These are the top five of the best bi curious dating sites online. These sites are perfect for bi curious men and bi curious females. Make sure you add a full profile on the sites and good images to increase your chances of successful hookups. Most sites require memberships for full features, so it’s recommended that you get a membership.